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Sarah Macdissi

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The Doctor’s White Coat Days Are Likely Numbered

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What is thought to be one of the most common vehicles for spreading germs in a hospital?  The answer might surprise you: the white lab coat.  Also ranking high are neck ties and wrist watches worn by health care practitioners. The … Continue reading

The 411 on the Government Shut Down and the Healthcare Industry

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The obvious and immediate impacts of the government shut down are visible before everyone’s eyes – the closing of the national parks, federally owned museums, IRS call centers advising taxpayers and offices handling federal grants, and the furloughing of thousands … Continue reading

Living in a Post Antibiotic Era? Part II

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Last week I discussed a report issued by the Centers for Diseases Control (“CDC”) that addressed the ever increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance.  One author, commenting on the potential demise of antibiotics, went as far as to compare a modern … Continue reading