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Mark E. Novotny

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“Landmark” Informed Consent Case: Physician Not Liable

Posted in Health Care Law, Medical Malpractice

In a case decided in June of 2014 described as “landmark,” the Washington Supreme Court held in favor of a physician as to claims of lack of informed consent. Generally, informed consent addresses the need for a physician to advise … Continue reading

Malpractice Litigation: The Neverending Story?

Posted in Medical Malpractice, Tort Reform

 You have been sued.  How long until there is resolution of a professional negligence lawsuit?  Six months?  A year?  Maybe two?   Pyramids have been built faster than some cases get resolved. All participants want civil litigation over in a reasonable … Continue reading

Is the Patient’s/Plaintiff’s Expert Witness Qualified to Testify Against You?

Posted in Health Care Law, Medical Malpractice, Tort Reform

Many years ago, in a Nebraska gynecological case alleging medical malpractice, an oncologist testified favorably as to the applicable standards of care relating to the defendant physician.   After the jury returned a verdict for the defense, the plaintiff appealed this … Continue reading