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John Hopkins to pay $190 million for spying doctor.

Posted in Health Care Law, HIPAA, Medical Malpractice, Risk Management

A recent report by CNN indicates that John Hopkins has agreed to a whooping $190 million settlement in a case involving a gynecologist who was alleged to have secretly photographed and recorded his more than 7000 patients. Dr. Nikita Levy was fired … Continue reading

Florida throws out caps in med mal cases

Posted in Health Care Law, Litigation Tips, Medical Malpractice, Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act, Tort Reform

It’s time for my somewhat regular update regarding the latest state to address the constitutionality of caps on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.  Previously, I have discussed Kansas and Missouri and their judicial treatment of such caps. In its recent … Continue reading

He said she said he heard it from a friend….

Posted in Health Care Law, HIPAA, Litigation Tips, Medical Malpractice

REO Speedwagon might have been discussing the Nebraska Supreme Court’s recent opinion in C.E. v. Prairie Fields Family Medicine, P.C., 287 Neb. 667 (2014) in their famous song, “Take it on the Run.” The Prairie Fields case dealt with the issue … Continue reading

Questionable Autopsy Could Lead to Exposure for Physician

Posted in Health Care Law, Litigation Tips, Medical Malpractice

 In an opinion released last week by the Nebraska Supreme Court, it indicated that a forensic pathologist who performed a poor autopsy could be liable for malicious prosecution when that autopsy formed part of the basis of criminal charges against … Continue reading